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We'll be open daily between 10 o'clock and 4 in the afternoon until Christmas Eve (or until we've sold out).

Marchants Farm Bovingdon Local Products Sold With Great Prices

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Marchants Farm, Pudds Cross, Bovingdon, Nr Hemel Hempstead, Herts., HP3 0NJ

Derek Proctor Local Farmer


Wheat grows well on the heavy clay soil the grain is usually sold to Titmuss Grain, a local grain merchant.

The wheat straw is baled and used in the horse livery yard.

Our Wheat is Grown in a traditional fashion

Our Products

“wheat, barley, field beans, horse hay, there's also a beef herd and Christmas Trees.”


Barley is grown for malting or for animal feed.

Some is kept and milled for our own cattle.

The barley straw is baled  and used as cattle feed or bedding.

Barley is a major cereal grain

Field Beans

Combined when the foliage has died off and turned black in the autumn.

Usually sold for export to africa, some are kept back and milled and mixed with the barley and minerals for cattlefeed.

Field Beans

Horse Hay

We Supply Many of the local horse owners with our hay and we believe our hay is of high quality and very competitive prices we can also deliver.

Horse Hay Local Supplier within the local area

Beef Herd

Beef is the culinary name for meat from bovines, especially cattle. Beef can be harvested from cows, bulls, heifers or steers.

Angus Beef Herd British Beef

Marchants Farm Beef Herd
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