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Marchants Farm Beef Herd

“ Our  stock bull is a pedigree Aberdeen Angus, named Aynho Proud Gaul  .”

A Little Insider

We started the beef suckler herd in 2008 using the traditional steep meadows, that would be difficult to grow arable crops on.

This narrow hidden valley provides good shelter for the cows are calves in bad weather.

From november to early may the cattle are housed inside given straw bedding and fed silage and hay, some also have barley meal, bean meal for protein with minerals mixed in.

The stock bull is a pedigree aberdeen angus, named aynho proud gaul.

The cows are mainly simmentals chosen for their quiet temperament, there are some pedigree aberdeen angus cows as well.

Calves are left  with their mothers until the autumn when they are weaned and are then usually sold as store cattle to be fattened  by the purchaser.

We hope to expand the beef herd but this is dependent on gaining more grazing and  are limited by amount of buildings for winter housing.

Aynho Proud Gaul