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Farm History

Marchants Farm History

The oldest parts of Marchants Farmhouse and the listed timber barn date from the early 1600s, they think the site dates back to the 13th century.

For much of the last century Marchants was owned by the Brown family who were a large successful family who specialized in game rearing.

Pheasants were sent all over the country to the large pheasant shooting estates, including the royal Sandringham estate.

After the first world war the demand for pheasants declined,  so the business changed to more traditional farming, but the farm always kept numbers of ducks and poultry.

Maurice Brown lived at Marchants from 1914 and farmed in the traditonal way, maintaining the soils fertility by using fallows, farmyard manure  and ploughing in grass leys and as a result was known for growing very good crops.

Gus Proctor started farming at Pouchen End near Boxmoor in the late 1940s, An ex royal marine he married Patricia, together they raised three sons and grew cereals,  hay, potatoes field vegetables and bred pigs and latterly a livery yard was established.

In 2007 the Proctor family purchased Marchants Farm which is farmed along with the original land at Pouchen End.

WHEAT. Grown for breadmaking, biscuits or animal feed

BARLEY. Grown for malting or animal feed.

FIELD BEANS.Grown for animal feed rich in protein and for export for human consumption,

BEEF. Picture shows our stock Bull .Who is a pedigree Aberdeen Angus , called Aynho Proud Gaul. Some of the cows are also pedigree Aberdeen Angus of the remainder the majority are Simmental cross cows.

Local Area History

Brief History of Bovingdon

There are two churches in Bovingdon. The Baptist Church and the Anglican Church. The Baptist church started as a Wesleyan Methodist Church and changed to Baptist. St Lawrence Church was built in 1845 by Talbot Bury.

The churchyard is the second largest in Hertfordshire.

There are three pubs in the village centre, The Halfway House, The Bull and The Bell.

The village is sometimes confused with camp bovindon in Dorset because during WWII after a B-17 tried to land there when the crew became lost.

The village is medieval in origin but it has expanded since the 1940s. The old parts of the village are mostly around the High Street and the Green.

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